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The Hawaiian Humane Society is Oahu's animal Lost and Found. All animals found or lost should (MUST) be reported to the Hawaiian Humane Society. It is recommended that if you lost an animal, you should visit the shelter every day to see if your animal is in custody. Animals found by good individuals that chose to hold on to the animal they found can be contacted through the shelter. 

Q: Does all animals found need to be turned into the shelter?

A: No. If possible, you can hold on to the found animal you have found as the shelter looks for the owners. Dog People of Oahu can help you cover the supplies while you take care of your new foster pup.

Q: What if we can not find the owners of the animal we found?

A: You may turn the found animal to the Hawaiian Humane Society, or contact local rescues to take over the care of the found animal.

Q: Do we need to file a lost report if we lost an animal?

A: YES. Filing a lost report would be beneficial. The Hawaiian Humane Society takes over 100 animal strays a day. Your beloved furry family member could be there waiting for you or a found report of your animal could have been made. 



What is a microchip? A microchip is a form of identification for your furry family member. With a quick scan from a scanner, this little device can be the key to bring your pup home if he or she ran away. Why is it important? Without a way to identify your pup, your pup will be considered a stray. Many shelters give owners only 48 hours to claim their pet(s). Afterwards, their pet will be adopted out legally to a new family and you may not be able to get your furry family member back.

Q: How can I check if the dog I found has a microchip?

A: Any vet clinic can scan for a microchip for free.

Q: Can a microchip move from the back to any other parts of the dogs body?

A: Yes! It's important to scan all over the body to find a microchip since the chip can move. 

Q: Can a microchip stop working?

A: Yes, it can stop working. It happens, but it is rare. 



670,000 dogs are euthanized every year because of the lack of homes and resources (ASPCA, 2019.) How do we decrease the number of dogs being killed? SPAY/NEUTER! Spay and Neuter or "fixing" can be done as early as 8 weeks old.

Q: Does my dog get fat after being fixed?

A: No, fixing a dog can alter behavior, but it does not make your dog gain weight.

Q: Does neutering make my male dog less than a "man"?

A: Your male dog will always be a male dog after neuter. It does not make them less male. 

Q: Is it healthy to wait till spay your female dog after it has one litter?

A: No! Spaying your female pup can decrease her chances of infection in the uterus and cancer. Female dogs go into their heat (period/mensural cycle) as young as 6 months. 

Need help spaying/neutering your fury family member? Contact Dr. Kelly at Aloha Affordable Vetinary Services in Aiea to schedule an appointment. Spay and Neuter cost between $125 to $150! 



How important are vaccinations? Vaccinations can reduce the risk of your puppy and adult dog from viruses and diseases such as Parvovirus and Kennel Cough. Without vaccinations, puppies have a higher risk of catching illnesses that can be fatal, and adult dogs would have a higher risk of getting illnesses that could have been easily prevented by receiving their vaccinations. Vaccinations are needed at 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 15 weeks, then yearly afterwards.



Oahu, Hawaii is a tropical island which means there is no break from little extra critters that like to invade your furry friend. How do we prevent these little extra critters from harming our furry friends? PREVENTION MEDICATION! One single mosquito, tick or flea can carry disease. It's important to protect our pups with prevention medication (ex: Credelio, Heartworm, Heartgaurd, Bravecto.)



Dog Parks, Hikes and Beaches are so much fun! Don't forget the following things...
- Water (Bring extra on the hot days! Keep hydrated!)
- Check the ground if its too hot. If you can't walk bare foot on the ground, your furry family member should not too. 
- Towels 
- First Aid Kit
- Harness and Leash 
- Poopy Bags
- Make sure your furry family member has a form of identification (Ex: tags, number written on collar)



Dog People of Oahu is a small and new rescue. Our efforts are aimed towards out reach (helping our community), with occasionally fostering then adopting out puppies and dogs who really need homes. These are the following rescues and shelters you can contact for help if our rescue is low on resources or not available to take in any more dogs.

  • PAWS of Hawaii

  • Ka'a'awa K9

  • Fur Angel Foundation

  • Hawaii Dog Foundation

  • Paws for Life

  • Hawaii SPCA

  • Hope for Dogs

  • Oahu SPCA



Dog People of Oahu has limited resources, but we do have food to spare for our community. If you're low income, a private foster or just falling on hard times, please contact us for food delivery.