What is a microchip? A microchip is a form of identification for your furry family member. With a quick scan from a scanner, this little device can be the key to bring your pup home if he or she ran away. Why is it important? Without a way to identify your pup, your pup will be considered a stray. Many shelters give owners only 48 hours to claim their pet(s). Afterwards, their pet will be adopted out legally to a new family and you may not be able to get your furry family member back.

​Microchip FAQ

Q: How can I check if the dog I found has a microchip?

A: Any vet clinic can scan for a microchip for free.

Q: Can a microchip move from the back to any other parts of the dogs body?

A: Yes! It’s important to scan all over the body to find a microchip since the chip can move.

Q: Can a microchip stop working?

A: Yes, it can stop working. It happens, but it is rare.