Lost & Found Dogs

The Hawaiian Humane Society is Oahu’s animal Lost and Found. All animals found or lost should (MUST) be reported to the Hawaiian Humane Society. It is recommended that if you lost an animal, you should visit the shelter every day to see if your animal is in custody. Animals found by good individuals that chose to hold on to the animal they found can be contacted through the shelter.

Lost Dog FAQ

Q: Does all animals found need to be turned into the shelter?

A: No. If possible, you can hold on to the found animal you have found as the shelter looks for the owners. Dog People of Oahu can help you cover the supplies while you take care of your new foster pup.

Q: What if we can not find the owners of the animal we found?

A: You may turn the found animal to the Hawaiian Humane Society, or contact local rescues to take over the care of the found animal.

Q: Do we need to file a lost report if we lost an animal?

A: YES. Filing a lost report would be beneficial. The Hawaiian Humane Society takes over 100 animal strays a day. Your beloved furry family member could be there waiting for you or a found report of your animal could have been made.