Are you willing to foster?


Dog People of Oahu will provide every foster with supplies to care for their foster dog(s) and will be covering the vet bill. You do not need to be a perfect person to foster. Will you be willing to open your heart and home to a pup in need? Contact us and start fostering today! Without you, we can’t rescue more dogs in need of our help.


Fostering is the hardest thing you can ever do. Many individuals will expect the spunky puppy, the terrible chewer, and the hyper active runner, but how about the pups that have been beaten? or starved? How about the dogs that never experienced what a home and a warm bed is? or the dogs afraid of their own shadow? If you have the heart for these dogs, please reach out and offer a place of healing.


  1. Fill out a foster application.
  2. Wait for a confirmation text that confirms the application was approved.
  3. BE ON STAND BY! Be ready for a text message or be on facebook and step up when a foster for our rescue is being asked for.