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Name: Dexter


Name: Theo Jack


Name: Arlo Rizzo 

Name: Brandy


Name: Hennesy 



Name: Ellie


Name: Reagan


Name: Rylee


Name: Rosalie 


Name: Raven 

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Name: Dumbo 

Gender:  Male

Age: Adult Dog

Breed: Hound Mix

Description: Ahooo!!!! Hello! My name is Dumbo, and I got my name from my super gigantic bat ears that make me special. I came to Dog People of Oahu after being surrendered by my owners who could no longer take care of me. After, I was placed in an awesome foster family, and boy! It’s been fun! After spending time with my foster family, I found out that I love car rides, afternoon walks, and playing with other dogs of all sizes. I am also obsessed with dog toys! My foster auntie calls me a toy hoarder because I love toys so much and I can’t get enough of them. I love to take toys with me where I go, and you would never ever see me without one. I am also very loyal, and love everyone! Just ask my foster dad! We snuggle all the time, and I love to follow him and my foster mom around.

I have been such a good boy, and my foster family thinks I am ready to go to a forever home. I heard that forever homes has a lot of new toys. If a forever home does, I am excited to go to a forever home. I would like a family that would treat me like family, and would provide me a lot of toys and opportunities to socialize. I would like a family that has another dog, and no cats. I am good with children, but prefer older children. Oh, and I prefer homes that doesn’t uses vacuums all the time. I HATE VACUUMS! If you think we’re a good match, fill out an application today!


Adoption Pending

Name: Sherlock

Gender:  Male

Age: Young Adult

Breed: Smooth Fox Terrier Mix

Description: Looking to solve the mystery of the perfect dog? Look no further! I will solve it! Its me. I am the prefect dog. My foster mom says that I am such a lovely gangly puppy who loves nothing more to wrestle and play with my buddies until nap time. I am a quiet good boy who has been working on my manners. I am working on my potty training, basic training and being in a indoor setting. I am a sucker for treats, and will do anything to get them. I was not always like this. I came to Dog People of Oahu after being found abandoned in the forest. I was left behind at a young age. I didn’t know what I did wrong. I was a good boy.  I was super scared after my first humans left me. After a few months, a nice lady saw me and fed me some food and gained my trust. She took me away from the forest so I could get help. Right before the lady took me to safety, Watson, my chosen brother followed and wanted to go with me. Watson is my older brother and protector, and though I tend to be more outgoing than him, I found comfort in having my big brother around.

Our foster mom has been preparing us for a forever home. I am good with older children, and other dogs. I would like to go to a forever home with my older brother Watson, or in a home that is willing to contact Watson’s adoptive family so we can meet time to time at a dog park or go on play dates so we can keep in touch. I really would like a forever family who will love me forever and never abandon me again. Will you adopt me?


Name: Watson

Gender:  Male

Age: Adult Dog

Breed: Hound Mix

Description: Hello, my name is Watson, and I take a little bit of time to warm up to you. Please give me time, and I promise I will be a good boy. I was abandoned in the forest when I was a puppy. I had a rope on me that imbedded into my neck as I grew. Fortunately, it didn’t do too much damage to my neck. As I was left to fend for myself, I met my brother Sherlock, and we were inseparable ever since. One day a lady had Sherlock in her car, so I ran after him, and she welcomed me with open arms. I went to a foster family right after, and I had a hard time adjusting compared to Sherlock. I take awhile to warm up to you, and because of my past, I might bark and growl at you when we first meet, but with a little time and treats, I will settle down. I promise it’s not your fault. I’m just scared. The humans I met before hurt me and I have the scars to prove it. I appreciate your patience, and if you wait long enough, I will give you cuddles and kisses. When I am happy, I love to leap all around like a wild gazelle. I can jump very high and chew on hard toys. I am a good boy if you give me time. I like to spend my days sleeping on the couch with you and just being around people and other dogs. My foster mom tells me that I am the favorite dog in the house, and that only people with a heart of gold can adopt me.

Our foster mom has been preparing us for a forever home. I am good with older children, and other dogs. I would like a home with other dogs. I thrive in a pack.  I would also like to go to a forever home with my young brother Sherlock, or in a home that is willing to contact Sherlock’s adoptive family so we can meet time to time at a dog park or go on play dates so we can keep in touch. Will you adopt me?


Our Adoption Process

Dog People of Oahu’s adoption process is designed to ensure that all dogs are safe, taken care of and loved in a forever home. IF YOU DISAGREE WITH OUR PROCESS, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY.

  1. APPLICATION – All our dogs/puppy’s have their own application.  All applications must be filled out completely. Incomplete applications will be declined immediately WITHOUT NOTICE. Once an application is filed, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY AFTERWARDS. You may contact us directly through facebook messenger, instagram or email.
  2. APPROVAL/REJECTIONThere are three ways we label applications – approved, rejected, and wait list. Approved applications will be contacted within 1 -2 weeks of applying. Rejected applicants will be emailed. Wait list applicants are approved applications but are not selected for the dog/puppy they wanted, and will be asked if they would like to keep their applicant for the next dog/puppy available or to remove their application from the file.
  3. MEET AND GREET/PICK UP DAY! – You must come meet your puppy at our scheduled time. If you want you can also take home your puppy/dog that day as well. A TWO week trial run (minimum) must be completed. The dog/puppy will be staying with the potential adopters. At this time, the family will be deciding if they would like to adopt or not. A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT (half of the adoption fee) WILL BE MADE AT THIS TIME. At this moment, the health and temperament of the puppy/dog will be disclosed, but we will not be releasing any paperwork. A VALID ID must be presented as well. We will be making a copy for our records.
  4. FINALIZING – Adoption papers are signed, medical records of the dog/puppy will be released to the adopters, and the rest of the adoption fee MUST be paid.

The adoption fee’s covers the cost spent to care for the dogs we take in. All adoption fee’s are used to funds the care for the next dog we rescue or for our community outreach, and not for our volunteers.


Adoption Fees 

  • Puppies: $280
  • Adult Dogs: $180
  • Senior Dogs: $100

All of our dogs are neuter/spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, and  prevention medication (tick, flea and heartworm). We also do additional testing as needed such as heart worm testing, and fecal exam. 


Adopting a New Furry Family Member

Welcoming a new furry family member is an exciting event for everyone in the family. However, it takes time for your new puppy or dog to get acclimated to their new home and new family members, both human and animal. It is important for everyone to give their new family member time to adjust. It takes about 3 months for your new pup to feel comfortable. Give it time, and support your new best friend! Read more by clicking the button below to learn how to help your new furry family member adjust to their new life with you!