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Hachi and her 6 puppies

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Our Adoption Process

Dog People of Oahu’s adoption process is designed to ensure that all dogs are safe, taken care of and loved in a forever home.

  1. APPLICATION – All our dogs/puppy’s have their own application. Please be aware of which dog’s application you filled out. All applications must be filled out completely. Incomplete applications will be declined immediately.  
  2. APPROVAL – An adoption coordinator will be in touch within a week. The application will be approved or declined. It can be declined for many reasons. At this time, we will discuss which dog/puppy is the best fit for your lifestyle and home and to schedule a pick up time. Approved applications will be contacted through phone. Denied application will receive an email. 
  3. PICK UP DAY! – You must come meet your puppy at our scheduled time. If you want you can also take home your puppy/dog that day. A TWO week trial run (minimum) must be completed. The dog/puppy will be staying with the potential adopters. At this time, the family will be deciding if they would like to adopt or not. A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT (half of the adoption fee) WILL BE MADE AT THIS TIME. At this moment, the health and temperament of the puppy/dog will be disclosed, but we will not be releasing any paperwork. A VALID ID must be presented as well. We will be making a copy for our records.
  4. FINALIZING – Adoption papers are signed, medical records of the dog/puppy will be released to the adopters, and the rest of the adoption fee MUST be paid.


The adoption fee’s covers the cost spent to care for the dogs we take in. All adoption fee’s are used to funds the care for the next dog we rescue or for our community outreach.


Adopting a New Furry Family Member

Welcoming a new furry family member is an exciting event for everyone in the family. However, it takes time for your new puppy or dog to get acclimated to their new home and new family members, both human and animal. It is important for everyone to give their new family member time to adjust. It takes about 3 months for your new pup to feel comfortable. Give it time, and support your new best friend! Read more by clicking the button below to learn how to help your new furry family member adjust to their new life with you!